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Warnings & Prop 65

Warnings, California Proposition 65 and Exposure Information:

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There are many harmful chemicals and products used throughout the automotive repair process. We recommend our products and all automotive repair be performed by Trained Professionals who understand how to protect themselves from these risks. If you need automotive repair, consult a trained professional in your area!

Due to the manufacturing process of our products and many others in the automotive industry, they may contain or have been exposed to a variety of chemicals that could be harmful. We recommend our products be handled by trained professionals following industry standard safety procedures including wearing gloves & other safety equipment, washing hands after handling and storing in a safe location. More information about limiting your exposure risks is available from California's OEHHA and OSHA, or ask your employer about safety training today!

Lead is a major hazard and may be present in trade amounts in many products due to cross exposure during manufacturing. Many manufacturing plants in China do not have the same Clean Manufacturing regulations in place in the USA, meaning products manufactured in the same plant as lead containing products can be cross exposed to trace amounts. Always wear gloves and wash your hands after handling industrial products.

Plastic products may be exposed to a range of products from mold release agents to products to keep them soft that can expose you to harmful chemicals.

To limit your exposure always wear gloves or other protective handwear. Avoid contact with face, mouth and eyes while handling industrial products. Always wash hands after handling!

Products should not be handled by children and should be stored safely out of reach.



For Use By Trained Professionals! Misuse of products or lack of training may result in serious personal injury or damage to your vehicle!



Products may contain chemicals, including Lead, that are known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

Always Wash Hands After Handling!

Keep Away From Children!



Our products are often shipped in plastic bags and may contain small pieces. Products should be stored in a safe location away from the reach of children to prevent risk of choking or suffocation.



Due to the possible exposure to harmful chemicals, do not store near food or other consumable products!



Products used for Electrical Repair should only be handled by Trained Professionals! Never attempt to work on a live power system, always isolate the battery or other power supply and ensure the circuit is not live before proceeding with repairs!


These are standard Warnings, not all of our products contain hazardous chemicals. Though due to the presence of these chemicals in some of our products and the possibility for cross exposure in our warehouse we want to be upfront with our customers and make sure they understand how to safely handle our products.


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